Are you not sure what to get the writer friend in your life for Christmas? Would you like help with a list of gift ideas? They probably already have their two front teeth, so that is not an option.

20 Christmas Gifts for Writers

Do not worry. Here is a collection of Christmas gifts for writers that will help you find the perfect present. And if you would like more ideas, you can check out this list from 2016.

1. Tote Bag Made Out of Recycled Billboards ($44)

A bag for book lovers made out of recycled billboards. Each bag is one of a kind, just like the writer in your life. They are an original, and so are the bags. You might even get a bag with lettering on it!

Choose your one-of-a-kind bag from Rareform here.

2. Moleskin ($18)

Christmas Gifts for WritersThis is a classic hardcover notebook, with cream acid-free pages and an elastic closure. A place to write down your ideas and random thoughts.

Get your notebook here. 

3. Library Card Socks ($10)

Do you miss the days of checking out books from the library when they stamped the inside of the book with the due date? Wear these comfortable socks to relive the memories.

Purchase your socks here.

4. Rite in the Rain All-Weather Notebook 4 3/4 by 7 1/2 ($44)

This notebook will help the adventurous writer in your life write down their ideas in the middle of a rainstorm. Rite in the Rain has been defying Mother Nature since 1916.

Buy your waterproof notebook here.

5. Rite in the Rain All-Weather Mechanical Pencil ($13)

The lead is 1.1 mm thick for smooth. bold lines for writing down notes in any weather condition. I have to give this list to my husband. I really want this pencil with the matching notebook for Christmas.

Get your pencil here. 

6. Magnetic Poetry

When you are cooking supper and you want to be creative, but are not close to your typewriter, write poetry on your fridge with magnetic words.

Get your Original Magnetic Poetry here. Or, give your writer more storytelling fodder with a themed kit like this Book Lover box of words.

7. “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe Scarf ($48)

The entire poem, American made, has been printed on black fabric, soft 100% cotton jersey knit. If you forgot to bring a book on your bus ride, you can read your scarf. And if “The Raven” is not your style, you can choose your favorite work of literature on scarves, gloves, shirts, and even baby blankets.

Get your poem scarf here.

8. A Scarf Printed With Your Own Writing ($49)

Christmas Gifts for WritersYes, that’s right, you can upload your own writing on an infinity scarf. Lots of colors available. You could even put a love letter on a scarf, or write, “Will you marry me?” Or you could write “I love cats” one thousand times.

Click here to design your own scarf on Lithographs.

9. An 8GB Digital Audio Sound Recorder  ($30)

This tiny device has enough space to holds up to 560 hours of audio files. When you want to make sure you have exact quotes in an interview, or want to record your ideas when you can’t write them down, use a voice recorder. I want one.

Order yours here. 

10. Tom Bihn Small Café Bag ($65)

Would you like a small bag to carry your Moleskin or Rite in the Rain notebook in? It is made of 1000 denier Cordura® exterior, and it is made in America. I have one of the larger messenger bags to fit in a large notebook, or a small cat.

Get your bag here.

11. RFID Blocking Passport Pouch, ($25)

Or maybe you are traveling and need a a pouch to protect your passport and credit cards. Traveling is a great way to get inspiration for your writing, and Tom Bihn also has you covered.

Protect your passport and credit cards here.

12. Your Own Writing

This could be a great gift for a writer. It’s also a great gift from a writer. The people you care about will love receiving a story or letter you wrote just for them.

Get inspiration for writing as a gift here.

Books for Writers

A writer can never have too many books. Here are some of our favorite tomes you might add to your writer’s collection:

13. Story by Robert McKee

Robert McKee published Story on November 25th, 1997, using material from his Story Seminars. His alumni have won sixty Oscars. If you don’t have time to fly to London, Paris, New York or L.A to take his three-day seminar, read his book.

It is my favorite book on story structure. Get your copy here. 

14. The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Edition ($70)

For writers who care about getting the details right. The latest edition has updated sections for electronic communication, and a complete updated grammar section with an expanded glossary of problematic words and phrases and a new section on syntax as well as updated guidance on gender-neutral pronouns and bias-free language.

I have mine behind my desk. You can get yours here.

15. The Story Grid by Shawn Coyne

Shawn Coyne spent over twenty-five years as an editor in New York publishing houses before writing The Story Grid. In this writer’s manual, he lays out his entire process of editing a story. If you want to understand how stories work or how to make yours better, you should definitely read this book.

You can get your copy here.

Writing Gifts From The Write Practice

We’ve made it our mission to help people become better writers through deliberate practice, and we have a variety of great books, courses, and programs to help. Check them out for your Christmas wishlist!

16. Becoming Writer, Premium Workshopping Community ($150 yearly membership)

Writing can feel like an isolated, lonely activity—but it doesn’t have to be. When you join together in community with other writers, the support, encouragement, accountability, and feedback you’ll get will keep you motivated and help you grow.

In Becoming Writer, you can post chapters of your book or short stories and get the feedback you need to grow as a writer. You’ll also get weekly deadlines so you don’t get stagnant in your writing. Finally, we’ll connect you to our partner publications, like Short Fiction Break literary magazine, so your writing can get the attention it deserves.

You can sign up for the community here.

17. 100 Day Book Challenge (starts at $400)

Write a Book in 100 DaysDo you dream of writing a book? This program is designed to get you to finish it.

With scientifically proven motivation techniques, practical writing lessons, and accountability straight from our team, if you want to finish your book, the 100 Day Book Challenge will give you the best possible chance.

Our next semester will start in the new year. You can reserve your spot here.

18. Scrivener Superpowers by M. G. Herron ($10)

Christmas Gifts for WritersScrivener Superpowers is not just another how-to-use software book. It’s an entertaining, easy-to-read, deeply helpful guide that will teach you to take your story from concept to completion using the most cutting-edge writing program available.

You can get your copy here.

19. Let’s Write a Short Story! by Joe Bunting ($10)

Christmas Gifts for WritersShort stories have been the training ground for writers for almost two centuries.

Let’s Write a Short Story! will help take your dreams of a writing career and turn them into practical steps toward achieving those dreams. If you’ve ever wanted to see your name in print, this book will help you make it happen.

Get your copy here.

20. 15 Days to Write and Submit a Short Story Workbook ($10)

Christmas Gifts for WritersThe companion workbook to the bestselling Let’s Write a Short Story, this workbook will hold your hand through the process of writing, editing, and getting your short story published.

Get your copy here.

What writing-related gifts are on your Christmas list? Let us know in the comments.


Think of a character in your work in progress. Then, write out his or her Christmas wishlist. List at least ten things. When you’re finished, post their list in the comments section. Let’s see what we can learn about your character from what they want for Christmas. If you post, be sure to comment on a few wishlists from other writers.

Have fun and happy writing!

Pamela Hodges
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