Daily Injection by Sarah GAck, I can’t believe I wrote that title. Ew, it’s disgusting. So cheesy. Yuck!

What is an interjection? I like how F.J. Rhatz describes them, “a noisy utterance like the cry of an animal.”

I was speed walking from my bedroom to the kitchen to grab a snack. I was so famished I walked too fast and hit my pinky toe on a door. Ouch! Crap! Darn it!

Those are interjections.

When I play basketball, I like to be encouraging. When a teammate makes a timely three-pointer or drives past half the team for a lay-up, I make a deep, Boom! As if the ball is detonating in the hoop.

Boom! is an interjection.

When I say, Shhhh, to my pesky niece during the climactic scene of Chronicles of Narnia, that too is an interjection.

Real people use interjections all the time in real conversations. Really. When your friend is nodding along, saying, “Yeah. Uh-huh. Right. Yep,” as you spill your guts about your recent break up, they are interjecting.


Here’s a fantastic list of 100 interjections from Daily Writing Tips.

Today I though it would be fun to use them. Write for fifteen minutes about a college frat party. I’m sure you can find plenty of uses for interjections.