What problems are you having writing shorting stories and getting them published? Where are you stuck? What are you having a hard time with?

Writing Struggles

Ever since I interviewed Linda Swanson-Davies, editor of Glimmer Train, I've been thinking seriously about writing short stories for literary magazines. That's why today, I want to reach out to you to see your struggles with short stories?

It could be:

  • Story structure
  • Length
  • Themes to write about
  • How to get your short stories published
  • How to write stories more quickly
  • How to know if your story is good or not
  • How to edit
  • How to write serious stories
  • How to write entertaining stories
  • Which magazines should you send your stories to

I struggle with short stories, too. Specifically, I have a hard time finishing stories. I don't mean writing an ending, but actually getting my story to the point where I'm happy with it. I would also like to know more about story structures that work well.

How about you?

I'll take your questions and craft posts, interviews, and resources we can all use to write meaningful, publishable short stories.

Please share your questions in the comments, and if you feel like you know something about short stories that I don't, I'd love to hear from you.

Joe Bunting is an author and the leader of The Write Practice community. He is also the author of the new book Crowdsourcing Paris, a real life adventure story set in France. It was a #1 New Release on Amazon. Follow him on Instagram (@jhbunting).

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