I published my new book, The Write Structure, last week, and it’s been amazing to see the response.

People are getting so much out of the book. It’s always an honor to get the chance to help people with their writing, but it’s even more rewarding when the help is making a huge difference.

But does it work? And will it actually help you with your writing?

The Write Structure Reviews

Check out these reviews to see if you think The Write Structure would help you.

The Write Structure book is perfect. I found myself reading it in the early morning hours. The hands-on exercises are structured in a way to enhance storytelling. Visualizing the answer to each question gave me goosebumps. A heart-to-heart organized conglomerate structure.I am ready to reconnect to my scriptwriting process. Thanks to The Writing Structure. Love it!


The Write Structure was exactly what I needed to get me on track while writing my first manuscript. It’s a simple, concise guide of story structure that gets to the core of several, long-standing techniques. Joe gives his heartfelt encapsulation of story structure, and boils it down to the core elements that they consistently share. It’s an interesting, guided tour of story structure from which you can incorporate what works best for you from many, many lessons learned. It is loaded with friendly and thoughtful advice that proves both useful and inspirational.

—Robert Cora, robertcorra.com

I enjoyed your book a lot and felt it gave me a lot of useful insight and a lot to think about. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking to improve their knowledge of story structure and storytelling.


I like the simplicity of its layout and the helpful bonus guides. I plan to use it to rewrite the novel that I finished last week. It is a YA novel, in my opinion, and is one hundred ten thousand words. I need to cut thirty or forty thousand words and I think your book will help me focus further on what my book is actually about.


The book takes complicated concepts and makes them understandable. I’ve read MANY books on structure and now I actually understand what’s wrong with my story.


I’m outlining the third draft of my novel and am finding the advice on scene structure invaluable. I had the overall plot structure, but bringing it down to the micro level is making the story come into its own.

—Ester H.

The Write Structure by Joe Bunting is a wonderful, informative, and helpful book that contains plenty of hints, tips, and productive help related to boosting your writing skills, and accelerating your writing career. Don’t miss out! Make sure to include it in your personal writing library!


What People Are Saying on Goodreads and Amazon

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No Longer Confused!

“If you’re like me and have become more confused about structure, the hook, and the inciting incident the more writing instruction books you’ve read, then get this book! This book is so easy to understand and points out the many contradictions that riddle the field of writing.”

—D. Ashby

“Really liked this book, very useful.”


How to plot your story. Must read.

“This book presents a general approach to plotting a story. The book is focused towards writers rather than editors. It helps you focus on the 6 elements of the plot. You will be able to “Plot your story in 18 sentences” by Chapter 11.

“The book will also try to help you understand how it is similar and different from other plotting techniques like “Save the cat”, and “Freytag”. The book also comes with worksheets that you can use to plot your own story.”


A revelation — I love writing again!

“This book contains all the advice you need to structure a good story It gets you to think about your story elements in a way that will give you a coherent overview of what you’re going to write that you can refer back to again and again. It’s essential stuff.”

A toolbook for writers

“Bunting’s work offers an accessible and very current presentation of great fiction writing advice. This author has created a quality platform that helps writers navigate the circumstances of today, and he offers a fine example of the new generation of authors.”

—John A. Royce

Read this

“This makes all the other writing books make sense. Its been a big help.”

—Ross Hockenberry

A Very Informative & Instructional Book

“This book is very clearly written and contains lots of valuable tips and tools for anyone interested in writing a novel. Highly recommended!”

—Bud Mann

Ready to Use The Write Structure in Your Writing?

The Write StructureThese are just a few people who have been enjoying and using The Write Structure to write better stories.

If you’re ready to learn the elements of plot, how best-selling writers structure stories, and how to outline your books the write way, then pick up a copy today.

You can find out more about the book and get your copy here.

Thanks for reading!

How about you? Have you read The Write Structure yet? How has it help you in your writing? Let us know in the comments below.

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