Sometimes, all you need to give your writing a boost is an inspiring writing prompt. And when it comes to writing prompts, we've got you covered.

Writing Prompt: Monster

A Monstrous Writing Prompt

Today's writing prompt is just one word: monster.

Here are some questions to get you started:

  • What — or who — is the monster?
  • What does your protagonist know about the monster?
  • What does your protagonist not know about the monster?
  • What does the monster want?
  • What does your protagonist want?
  • What is the monster's greatest strength?
  • What is the monster's greatest weakness?
  • Is the monster the protagonist? or the antagonist?
  • How will you define “monster”?

Get Writing

A writing prompt on its own isn't very interesting. The exciting part is the story it inspires you to create. So, go write your monstrous story!

What ideas does the prompt “monster” inspire for you? Let us know in the comments.


Write about a monster. Write for fifteen minutes. Then post your writing in the practice box below for feedback. If you post, be sure to give feedback to three other writers. Happy writing!

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