One Writing Prompt That Works Every Time

by Joe Bunting | 79 comments

Today, we look at a writing prompt that works every time you try it. The answers might be different across months, years, or decades, but try this one out today and see what you find. 

What Does the Character Want? 

As we've studied the types of stories, they all revolve around values that we hold as humans. Those values drive our desires, goals, and eventually our actions. We know that a character needs a goal to move a story forward. But have you taken the time to explore how much they want it and why they want it? Maybe if you're stuck, you need to revisit what the character desires. 

Those values or needs determine the type of plot or story we tell. As a reminder, here's that picture of that hierarchy of needs:

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs for Writers

Read the full post on types of stories here. 

One Simple Prompt

Or maybe you aren't stuck with a character or story, but you're stuck as a writer. This prompt works for you too. 

Here's a simple prompt that works every time: write about what you want.

A story is about a character who wants something. They want it so badly that they are willing to disrupt the status quo, to change something in their life to get what they want. 

When was the last time you wanted something so badly you were willing to do anything (anything!) to get it?

When was the last time you had something you loved so much you would do anything to protect it?

What is something you want but can never have?

Stop judging and self-editing those desires and write them out. You can tear them up or burn them if you want to when you're done, but take the time to get the words flowing again. Our characters have desires they would rather hide, too. If we don't tap into our own humanness, our own range of desires, how can we depict those in our stories? 

Great Stories Are About Desire

Desire is the best and worst part of life, and all great stories are about desire. To write a good story, you need to connect with your own desire.

You don't need to act on that desire. And ou don't need to obsess over what you want.

You need to know desire, to understand it as intimately as you know yourself.

What do you want most in the world?

What prompts work every time when you get stuck? Share them in the comments


Set the timer for fifteen minutes. Free write an answer to this question: What do you want most in the world right now? You can respond as yourself or as a character you're creating. See what surfaces.

When you're finished, post your practice in the Pro Practice Workshop here. And if you post, please make sure to give feedback to a few other writers. If it's too personal, maybe just share about the experience of writing to the prompt in the comments

Happy writing!

Joe Bunting is an author and the leader of The Write Practice community. He is also the author of the new book Crowdsourcing Paris, a real life adventure story set in France. It was a #1 New Release on Amazon. Follow him on Instagram (@jhbunting).

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  1. Teo Jansen

    The Fortress of my dreams

    Since I was a little boy, I dreamed about my own fortress. Not like a medieval castle, but an enormous house where all my dreams could be truth.

    I used to spend hours with my mother, we both layed in the bed, watching the white ceiling and imagine how would be the house of our dreams. Of course, we lived in a very small apartment where my sister and I had to share a bedroom.

    The house of my dreams became a fortress surrounded with an enormous backyard with aa American football field, a basketball court and a pool. Later, when I grew up, I became a kind of apprentice of BBQ, so now the drawings should include a BBQ area.

    Of course there would be a room for every person in the house, and some special places like the studio (where I would write, edit, photoshoot, record, etc), a big kitchen, where my wife could cook wherever she wants to and the movie room, that of course is a big tv room with a cinema sound system, and where you can play games such as Clue, Risk or Pictionary.

    I’m 32 years old now, and the wish is stronger than ever, so stronger that I’m working with all my energy to become a professional and succesful storyteller to transform the Fortress of my dreams to the Fortress of my children’s dream.

    Great practice, Joe. It worked for me as a catharsis 😉

    • Dawn Akemi

      Lemme know when it’s done so hubby and I can visit! Love good BBQ.

    • Teo Jansen

      It will be a honor to receive you and your family in the Fortress! I’ll be sure that the menu will be BBQ!

    • Joe Bunting

      How cool, Teo. It reminds me of that movie, Blank Check. Have you seen it?

    • Teo Jansen

      Joe, you made me laugh hard, man! That is a very fun movie and of course a childhood dream! LoL! Thanks for stopping by!

    • Joy

      “The Fortress.” I love the name! It sounds like a fun place. And it is neat how you have included your family into the dream now. 🙂

    • Teo Jansen

      I’m gladd you like it. And it would be a fun place for sure! 😀

    • Avril

      Good Lord Teo! Since when does a man who is not a native speaker of English use the word “catharsis”. You are brilliant, and destined for success, I am sure!

    • Teo Jansen

      What a kind words from you, Avril! It is a nice detail from you to remark the effort to write in my second language. And I’m working hard to accomplish that destiny! I send you a big hug!

    • Miriam N

      This reminds me of my own dreams of my childhood… Of course mine was filled with me being the hero of the many games we played. A true heroin Thanks for sharing!

    • Teo Jansen

      Yes! The medieval adventures were part of my childhood as well, hahahaha! thanks for the feedback

  2. Joy

    This didn’t prompt me. It scared me. What do I really want most in the world? That’s a tough question, but I think I may have narrowed it down to a general idea, even though it really can’t be narrowed down…

    I want peace–peace with man, and peace with God. I want no more hatred, violence, and terror. I want no more killing. I want children who are cherished, and parents who are respected. Countries that are peaceful. Homes that aren’t just buildings.

    I want love–love for mankind, and love for God. I want more than just friendships. I want relationships. I want community. I want sacrificial love, undeserving mercy.

    I want faith–faith in God, and faith in his goodness. When I die I want to look back on my life and see joy. I want to know that I stood for something, made a difference, changed the world if only in a small way. I want to do all that I can, and rest in God’s goodness for the things that I can’t.

    I can never have these wants. Not in their fullest measure. Not on this earth. It’s too broken, too frail, too fleeting. But hope still rises in my soul. It’s this hope that I want the most. And it’s this hope that I hold. A hope in a place where tears are no more and sorrows cease. A hope in a place where at last I will speak the words I try so hard to say. A hope that there will be peace.

    • Dawn Akemi

      You took my wants and hopes right off my keyboard (or words right outta my mouth, as the saying goes), and you did so beautifully.

    • Joy

      Thank you, Dawn. I’ll try not to steal your words too much! lol 😉

    • Teo Jansen

      It is scary, but it is worthy. The goals are love, faith and peace, now work for it. Nice words

    • Joy

      Thank you!

    • Joe Bunting

      And yet look, you’ve written something powerful and moving! I would say that it worked. Now how can you write a story that incorporates your deepest desires?

    • Joy

      Thank you, Joe. I try to incorporate these desires into all my stories in some way. I particularly hope they will shine in the novel I’m writing. Your prompts challenge me. I hate it–I mean love it! 😉 Thank you!

    • Lisa

      That was beautiful Joy. The last paragraph brought tears to my eyes. I feel very much the same. You never know…maybe humans are changing. Thank you.

    • Joy

      You’re welcome, Lisa. I’m glad that we can relate. I would love to hear your writing for this prompt too. 🙂

    • Adelaide Shaw

      You expressed what many want and expressed it well. Peace, faith and hope! May it come in everyone’s life.

    • Joy

      Amen, Adelaide! Thank you. 🙂

    • Miriam N

      I think we all strive for these things in our hearts. We all hope that they will come but most of the time they elude us. thanks for sharing Joy.

    • Joy

      Thank you, Miriam!

    • Avril

      Joy, you are appropriately named! 🙂 Thank you for this, it is a reality check. These are the beliefs and values we must champion, even when it doesn’t seem to make sense. Without them, then there is no hope.

    • Joy

      Aw…Thank you, Avril! You are so kind. I’m glad that my writing encouraged you. That encourages me too. 🙂

    • Dawn Atkin

      Peace, love, faith and hope.
      Perhaps the deepest desires for so many of us if the truth be told.
      A beautiful piece of writing Joy. Thanks for sharing.
      love Dawn

    • Joy

      Thank you, Dawn. It is wonderful to be able to relate to others with this prompt. 🙂

  3. Miriam N

    great practice. I’ll have to post(and do) mine when I have the time

    • Joe Bunting

      Sounds great, Miriam!

  4. Selina Wallis

    I’ve not posted before and this might be a bit risqué, please remove if its too much. I used to write a lot but haven’t written anything for about three years s wanted to get back in practice. Here goes…

    I made my voice sound relaxed, excited, a little breathless,
    like I had just had the best idea, like I was being a little bit naughty, when
    I asked, at the end of our conversation if he could come home.

    “I’ll be home after work my love”, I could hear he was ready
    to hang up, get on with his day, I had to be quick-

    “No, I mean now…”


    “Yes, now”


    “I need a big strong man to come help me out”

    He laughed “Are you serious?”

    “I am so wet for you right now, I need you here” I heard his
    intake of breath, I prayed he was buying it.

    “I haven’t got long” he said cautious, but hopeful.

    “I’ll leave the door on the latch” he breathed for a minute
    without speaking, then he hung up.

    I stood in the downstairs hallway, utterly stunned. I couldn’t
    believe it had been so easy, like old times, I wasn’t prepared at all, he
    usually just refused to come anywhere near me.

    I rushed upstairs,
    turning on the shower and setting out some of the sexy underwear I used to
    wear, but then thought, sod it, I’d just be naked in bed waiting for him. I
    licked my fingers and started to play with myself, I had read it was better not
    to use lubrication so I needed to be as ready as I could be, and I had told him
    I was.

    Minutes later I heard his step through the door and I
    prayed; to fate, to all and any gods that might be listening, that I could pull
    this off, that I could get him to forget about everything that had gone before,
    to throw caution to the wind and give me what I needed.

    This was the day, the first day in a long time when there
    was even the tiniest hope, where what I need could actually be created in the
    real world, not in my mind, which was the only place where my baby lived.

    • Joe Bunting

      This was good, Selina! I just changed that one little bit (hope that’s okay). There’s clearly more going on here than at first glance. I wonder how it will unfold.

      Thanks for sharing this!

    • Selina Wallis

      Thanks Joe, no worries about changing things, I couldn’t see any guidelines on writing. Glad to finally be writing again, I have a place on a creative writing masters course but have deferred for the past 3 years. I’m sure I can do 15 minutes a day…

    • Avril

      Wow, great beginning. Risque is fine, and you used it well to describe the situation.

    • Selina Wallis

      Thank you 🙂

  5. Avril

    I thought about this all day, and almost didn’t post anything, for fear of “over-sharing”. I’ll try to keep it light and breezy. There is something I’ve always wanted. Since I was a child growing up in violent, sick family, living in a neighborhood the local paper called “Fear Street”, I have yearned for a feeling of normalcy.

    I survived that childhood, and through scholarships, grants, and fast food jobs, got myself a college education. I showed up at college a strange duck, fresh off the mean streets, mingling with all these white bread middle class kids from the ‘burbs. Surprising, they were very nice to me, not snotty, and it was a supportive environment. I made friends, and participated in lots of activities. I did learn manners, social skills, positive coping behaviors, a socially acceptable sense of humor, etc. So I learned to “fit in”, or at least, appear to fit in. Never felt the right fit though.

    After school, went to the big city, did very well in finance for 25 years, VP of one of the biggest banks in the world. Whoo hoo. Did very well, well liked, great relationships, but never felt comfortable. I wasn’t being fake, I think I was always good at being myself. Just never felt like any particular day was easy for me. No matter how well I did, just felt like I was putting one foot in front of the other, trying not to fall down.

    I know it doesn’t make sense. I met my husband in business, and we will have our 25th anniversary soon. We are still really happy together, and how many people get that in their life these days? I get along with my brothers, and we all forgave the parents. Childhood horrors did not fracture the family. How unusual is that?

    The best way I can explain it, is to pose a situation: What if, as a young child, I had been in an accident, and had an arm amputated? All these years later, I could be a perfectly happy person, living a normal life. I’d have a prosthesis, I’d do whatever other people do, the accident would be long forgotten. BUT, I would always stick out in the crowd, I would always be a one-armed person. The scar would be impossible to ignore.

    All of my efforts have been toward creating a useful, meaningful life, putting positive efforts into relationships, and just working hard for me, my family, my community. People like me and tell me I’m lucky, but every day is so hard to get through. Once I was making some good money, I did put myself through intensive therapy for 7 years. It helped, though finally I moved on, accepting I would never feel “right”.

    When we left our corporate jobs, to get off the treadmill, and try life in the slow lane, we moved to a small town, and I took a job as a Special Education Aide in our local elementary school. I did that job for ten years. A few years ago, one of the teachers had me sit down with various students, and help them write a few lines about “what they wanted for Christmas”. I’ll never forget seven year old Faye’s answer. She was in Special Education because she is mentally retarded. When I asked her the question the teacher had posed, “What do you want for Christmas?”, she said, “All I want is to be a regular girl”.

    We all know that phrase about “out of the mouths of babes…”. I couldn’t have said it any better. I am fifty-six years old, and should be over the ancient history by now. I’m not, and never will be. If you see me, you won’t think there’s anything unusual going on, and you’ll probably just notice that I’m friendly and sincere. You would never guess, that my heart’s desire is just to be a regular girl.

    • Teo Jansen

      Avril, what a beautiful story to tell us what do you want in your life.

      It is really brave to share with us how you get to your personal desire, and since now I admire you even more.

      Keep it going with the good work!

    • Avril

      Thank you for your encouragement Teo.

    • Miriam N

      Thanks for sharing with us Avril. I completely understand where you’re coming from. There have been times in my life that I haven’t felt I truly fit in either. Happy writing!

    • Dawn Atkin

      Thanks for that sincere and honest sharing.

      I truly believe that this hankering to fit in, be regular, the same as etc nags away at many of us. We slip on our social veneer and step out in to the crowd. Show some bits, conceal other bits.

      We all learn to be chameleons to cope with shifting circumstances and circles of of social ponds.

      The real truth is we are all UNiQUE, which is the flip side to regular. And we also spend time fostering our uniqueness. We wobble along the hire wire of life as if trying to avoid a fiery abyss that, if we fall, threatens to burn away our carefully constructed social armour. Strip us naked. And reveal everything we conceal in different measures, on different days with different peoples.

      I’m very regular in many ways to the point of downright boring. Yet I am not. I’m fiery, feisty and determined. I’m lazy, laid back and easy going. I’m rational and intellectual. I’m poetic and abstract. I’m dark and sinister. I’m loving and joyful.

      I’m regular and unique. Depends where the moon is hanging, how much housework I got to do,

    • Dawn Atkin

      And from what I’ve read of your work and creative sharings is that you too are unique. Unique voice, unique perspective, unique storytelling style.

      Darn… Just realised I’m sweeping you further away from your burning desire to be regular… Rather than fanning it, I’m pouring water all over it.
      Whoops! 🙂
      Regards Dawn.:-)

    • Avril

      Thank you Dawn, for your thoughtful and wise observations. And I appreciate the reminder that “unique” while being harder to pull off with confidence, is a higher goal.

    • Dawn Akemi

      Hee, hee, I just read what you replied after I replied as well, and we pretty much said the same thing, only you were much more poetic. Great Dawns think alike, or something like that… 🙂

    • Dawn Akemi

      Courageous and vulnerable. The trap with trying to be “regular” and “normal” is that there is no such thing. We are all unique and special, or, if anything, “regular” and “normal” in our society is a state of dysfunction. The richness and depth of your experiences are fantastic grist for the mill and it shows in your excerpts given here.

      I just added this quote to my FB wall and I think it applies here too:

      “From now on you need never await temporal attestation
      to your thought. You think the truth. You do not have the right to
      eliminate yourself. You do not belong to you. You belong to Universe.
      Your significance will remain forever obscure to you, but you may assume
      that you are fulfilling your role if you apply yourself to converting
      your experiences to the highest advantage of others.”

      — Buckminster Fuller

    • Avril

      Dawn, thank you for the reminder. Yes, we are all on convoluted paths, that may make sense to no one, not even ourselves. Yet these are what is laid out for each of us, and our purpose and fulfillment in life will be in embracing the journey. Of course Buckminster Fuller says it so eloquently….

    • Dawn Atkin

      Love that quote….. Love it!

  6. Miriam N

    Ok here goes nothing. This kinda turned into a spout about my life thus far so bear with me. Here’s my practice.

    Success. Its what I hope for, what I live for. I’ve always have had the picture of me sitting at a table with my first book in hand. People would be waiting in line with my book in their hands. Some merely wanting to get a glimpse at the New York Times Bestselling author. I smile and sign the books, sometimes asking the names of the people and how they liked my book.

    At least that was the picture I had before reality set in. I wrote my first draft of my work in progress, some time between 7th and 9th grade. As I finished the last words I thought Yes! This is the book everyone will want. Then I began to read it.

    There were errors galore. Misspelled words, fragments, undeveloped characters. At the time this did little to discourage me for in my 9th grade mind I thought, I’ll just let the editor look through it.

    A few years go by, during which time I have almost completely forgotten about that first draft. I have also found The Write Practice and am Improving every day. I still dream of the day when I’ll become a great author. Perhaps not the best but at least I’ll be one.

    I haven’t always been as sure of myself however. In 6th-8th grade I suffered by the famous time period we all have probably been through, bullying. This nearly got the best of me and stopped me from writing. How could I compare to those authors? I’m just a kid. Do they even need another writer? How could I come up with something that someone else previously hasn’t thought of?

    Fortunately, I had loving parents who confronted me and raised me from this time in my life. I am still working on that first story only this time I’m happy about my mistakes. This only because if I make my mistakes and notice it then I can fix it. I can become better. I can rise above all my doubts and shoot for the skies. I can make a difference.

    Everyone has the potential to become great. Nothing can stop you if you don’t let it. You aren’t finished when you mess up. You’re finished when you quit, a thing which I never plan on doing.

    I know this kinda has turned into my life story but it’s my life. Writing is how I live, Writing is my venting tool, Writing is my life. No one can stop me, no one can make me feel like I can’t do anything because ultimately its my life and my decision. I AM a writer, and I will NEVER give up what I love. As the poem invictus states. “I am the master of my fate, I am the caption of my soul.”

    • Joy

      Wow! This is awesome! Thank you for sharing. The last paragraph is so strong. Keep it up! 🙂

    • Miriam N

      Thanks Joy 🙂 i’m glad you liked it

    • Avril

      Miriam you are going to be a success. I love how you have learned and grown, and that you recognize how this keeps you improving.

    • Miriam N

      Thanks for the comment Avril! (seriously when I first started commenting on the write practice I was afraid no one would like my stuff.)

    • Avril

      This is a supportive, positive group. I am learning by leaps and bounds, and I feel safe taking my writing baby steps. Well, and Joe edits out all the people who call me a dork.

    • Miriam N

      yes I agree that this is a great community.

    • Teo Jansen

      Miriam, persistence is the key and you seems to have a lot, from what I just read. Such a wonderful phrase as “Writing is my life” made me smile. Keep working on it and you will chase your goal! Cheers!

    • Miriam N

      Thanks Teo!

    • Dawn Atkin

      A deep desire to write and write and write. Yum.
      You go girl…
      Love Dawn

    • Miriam N

      Thanks Dawn!

    • Dawn Akemi

      Our dreams and desires have purpose. Follow it… 🙂

    • Miriam N

      I am Dawn. I am…. Thanks for the comment 🙂

    • Miriam N

      Thank you all for replying and taking the time to read my piece. I really got feel goods with each one. I wish you all happy writing 🙂

    • Leah Hona

      Really REALLY motivational good job! ^-^ 🙂

    • Miriam N

      thanks Leah Hona! made my day (cute name btw :))

    • Pedro Hernandez

      This was a very inspirational and motivational, You have done a wonderful job! Keep it up 1:3

    • Miriam N

      Thanks Pedro!

  7. Chloee

    This is just a rough draft of a WIP.

    To be honest the first thing that popped into my mind for what I’ve always wanted was a steady income and the surrport that comes with it. No more sleepless nights hoping all your wants will be fulfilled and the endless gnawing at the back of your mind wondering if you’ll have enough. Money has always been a huge issue for me. In my short fourteen years on this is dig eat dog world I’ve learned that for everything you want you’ll have to work for it which I’m fine with but the endless struggle of working till your sick and still not having enough is like a kick to the guts and for a large family of seven kids and a grandma who’s so insane when she’s on her medication she turns into a zombie and your stressed out mom and dad who are trying their best to make ends meet it weighs heavily on your shoulders since you don’t know if you doing enough to help or if your just bring a bourdon of the worst daughter ever. Hopefully one day I ‘ll be able to but everything my family could ever imagine but right now I’m freaking out.

    • Miriam N

      Wow you sound just like me when I’m stressed out. I completely understand how much stress can come from a family of seven me being a part of one myself. I hope you get past you’re trials.

    • Joy

      This really pulled me into her struggles. She has such a caring heart.

    • Avril

      Chloee you are not a bad daughter! Bad people don’t care about others the way you do. Sounds like tough times. You hang in there.

    • Chloee

      Thank you all so much made my day!

  8. Dawn Atkin

    To leap into
    The burning arms of my muse.
    To feel her flames fan my desire
    That it may melt into
    The magic of metaphor
    And scream with
    Literary magnificence
    A fiery call to action.

    And only then
    Will this incendiary pen
    Know both it’s heat
    And it’s power.

    • Avril

      Dawn, you have such skill, you say so much with so few words. I get the desire and the urgency.

    • Dawn Atkin

      Thanks Avril.

    • Miriam N

      What wonderful comparisons. “That it may melt into The magic of Metaphor” loved that line and many others. Great job! Keep up the good work!

    • Dawn Atkin

      Thanks Miriam.
      Glad it resonated.
      Regards Dawn

    • Joy

      Wow! This is literary magnificence.

    • Dawn Atkin

      Ha ha … Thanks Joy. Much appreciated.
      Love Dawn

    • Dawn Akemi

      The fiery passion of creativity. Beautiful. Love the sense of yearning too.

  9. Jacob Drumm

    My greatest desire is to help make every person I come into contact with the strongest version of there self, mentally, physically, and spiritually. I’ve always had a natural way of attracting people with my authenticity and teaching them how to get over different obstacles in there life. My passion for it is growing stronger everyday. I assess everything for the energy it is and if its not helping me or making me stronger in some way then I dont give my attention to it. The more I realize that my purpose on this earth is to help other people find their purpose on this earth the more bliss I experience. So if you are reading this and thinking you don’t have a purpose in this world then I want you to do an experiment for yourself. Try to find one single thing in nature that don’t have purpose. Let me know how it goes and keep observing everything that happens inside of you and the world around you.

    “Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves.

    Bill Hicks

  10. theinnerdolphin

    I want to be able to travel whenever I want to wherever I want to. I want to be able to connect with people across the world and Im working toward that by creating my website and writing what I want to share with the world. I believe humans are inherently good. I believe so much in all the goodness that exists in the world: people, nature, animals, vibes. It’s all good. I want to be true to myself while helping others. I can’t wait to reach more people and write more and more and be paid to do what I so much love to do. I want to have my people by my side, my support system is so strong, I can’t wait for the future when I’m making my own living and talking about it with them. My parents, S, N, A, A and everyone who truly cares. I’m not bitter anymore for a long time now and I hope it stays that way forever. I don’t have road rage anymore since coming back from Sri Lanka, I pay no attention to cars or people blocking the sideway. I remember “EVERYONE IS DOING THE BEST THEY CAN”. I’m still meditating everyday, I’m being good with my body . My eating habits have been back to normal for such a long time now and I couldn’t be more grateful to have gone through that and out. I want to write about women’s struggles. About the little things that make our days making our weeks making our months and years. I’m being there, wherever it is I am. I’m present. There. Here. One place. I’m true to myself, this way, I’m true to the whole wide world. I feel everyone should be able to do what they want and make a living out of it. Everyone is being kind to themselves and others. Everyone is happier. Mental health awareness is being spread everywhere and everyone is more cautious and lovely and helpful and good. What I desire most is to spread that and everything I’ve learned and will keep on learning, helping people with my world, making someone’s day is just as important as making everyone’s day. I don’t talk badly about others and other’s opinions don’t bother me, I know who I am and why I am. Music is good and photos are good. Love is the best. I try to love as much as I can. I’m silly. I don’t take life seriously, but I take my work seriously. I start contemplating when I notice my coffee cup is still very hot on how things change and that’s wonderful and how good coffee is, just liquid gold indeed. I keep up with my people all across the world, like Madonna just sang. Also, forget about the bad times, she said. The bad times seem far away and whenever you feel bad you remember it’s normal and don’t worry about it much, you take extra care of yourself. You’re positive about things, even if sth goes bad, find the good in that and make it better next time. Breathe the air, it’s wonderful. Try to catch sunsets as much as you can. You write in the balcony while the sun sets. You meditate while the sun rises. You’re there. You’re halfway smiling when you’re walking down the street because now that you know you can’t unlearn it: it’s a good good life. Joy can be found in the littlest of things, if you look there. Your cat loves you even though he’s grumpy. Your hair looks good. The sun is being extra strong today, considering it’s March. March is your favorite month.



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