Once a week, I turn my computer off for twenty-four hours (I wrote this yesterday). I don’t check email. I don’t do twitter or answer comments. It centers me, reminds me that life is more than what appears on the screen. I have an addictive personality and so I need these interruptions every once in a while.

But this can really suck sometimes.

Today, a guest post I wrote went live on a very popular blog. In these circumstances, I try to reply to all the comments and share the article on my social networks. On top of that I have about fifty unanswered emails. Lots of comments on The Write Practice I haven’t replied to, and in general, a lot of work left to do. It hurts to turn my back on it.

To say yes to life, sometimes you have to say no to work. To spend time with your friends and your family, those people who make life meaningful, you have to stop. You have to put down your computer, turn off your social networks, silence your cell phone, and enter in to a reality that is not virtual but present. Real. Tangible in a way that you can taste and touch and see.

Six days a week we write. One day we stop. I challenge you to join us today.

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