Writing Prompt:  Ocean View

Writing Prompt: Ocean View

The beach has always made a compelling backdrop for stories of mystery and romance. Envision yourself with ocean views for the weekend and craft your practice from the inspiration found in a seaside town such as this!

Three Truths for Writers to Combat Confusion

Three Truths for Writers to Combat Confusion

When I last posted, we were one week into our move, and now I can hardly believe it’s fourteen days later! I’m still quite unnerved with no familiarity to anchor me (except my family, of course!).

I have found myself turning inward for grounding, seeking that which hasn’t changed amidst everything that has. It’s as if I wonder, “Am I still who I am HERE though I am without my familiar people, environment, office, and coffee shop that helped support my identity? Perhaps you have experienced your own transitions that have left you feeling similar?