As the days get shorter and short this month here in the U.S., more time indoors means more time to write! Today we have a month's worth of December writing prompts to keep your pen moving across the page. 

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December in the Northern Hemisphere means cooler temps and shorter days as the fall winds down and winter begins. But it might also be the perfect time to get a little more writing in each day. In fact, how about a little month long writing challenge? 

Use the daily writing prompts below to keep you working through December, whether you're developing ideas for a new book or just practicing your writing skills. 

Ready? Let's go!

Journal Prompt Ideas

Here's some questions to use in your daily writing practice this December.

1. Write about your favorite winter activity.

2. Make a survival list of all you need to make it through the winter. 

3. What is your favorite winter holiday and why?

4. Describe the way the weather changes in winter, including as many specific descriptive details as you can. 

5. What is the funniest gift (or best gift or worst gift) you've ever received in December. How did you react?

6. Describe your favorite drink in winter, include all five senses if possible. 

7. Write about your ideal day of winter.

8. What are the five things you are most grateful for in December? Why?

9. How do you like to close out the year? With family? At a big party? Write about your ideal December 31. 

10. What have you accomplished this year? Don't limit yourself to big things—write about those small triumphs too. 

Creative Writing Prompts for the Busy Holiday Season

December holds a number of holidays to celebrate. Try one of these prompts if you're feeling like getting into the festive spirit.

11. Describe your favorite family holiday traditions (December or otherwise).

12. What was a happy memory you have from a celebration in December? 

13. What is your favorite holiday decoration? What do you love about it?

14. If you could plan an idea holiday party, what would it include?

15. What is your favorite holiday treat, edible or otherwise? Tell us about it. 

16. Rewrite your favorite holiday story from another perspective. For example, tell the story of Rudolph from the point-of-view of one of the other reindeer. 

17. If you watched holiday cartoons growing up, which was your favorite holiday character? Who is your favorite now? 

18. Imagine that you had to create a new favorite holiday tradition, what would you do and why?

19. Make a list of your favorite holiday movies. (Bonus points if you watch one with someone you love this month!)

20. Write a short funny story about Santa Claus or someone who is mistaken for Santa. 

Story Starters for the Winter Season

Finally, we have a few story starters to inspire that creative side to finish the month. 

21. Write a short poem about winter. Start with an image from nature or use an acrostic poem method, with one word next to each letter of the word WINTER.

22. Many children have a winter break that begins in December. Write a story about the first day of winter break where something wildly out of the ordinary happens. 

23. Imagine you are a bear about to hibernate with your family. Write a list of rules for hibernating. 

24. Create a scene where your characters visit their favorite tree in December, but something is strangely different. 

25.  Imagine you've been gifted a pet reindeer. What do you do on your first day together? 

26. Legend has it that the first snowfall brings wishes with it. Write a story about a child's wish and what happens. 

27. A big winter race is delayed, stranding all the participants together in the lodge, until…

28. A grandmother keeps a festive journal in December, but one day, her granddaughter discovers its magic, and…

29. A small town hosts a winter celebration on the first day of winter, but this year, the tradition might be ruined…

30. A child finds a set of warm mittens at the park, and can't find their owner. When they put them on…

31. On her final walk of the year, a woman discovers the path has been changed, and… 

December Writing Prompts

December is an opportunity to finish the year strong, to celebrate the year past, and set a new course for the coming year. Try a prompt each day this month and see what you discover!


Now you try! Choose one of the prompts above and set your timer for 15 minutes. Write without stopping. When finished, share your practice in the Pro Practice Workshop, and leave feedback for a few other writers. 

Not a member? Join us! Happy December writing! 

Sue Weems is a writer, teacher, and traveler with an advanced degree in (mostly fictional) revenge. When she’s not rationalizing her love for parentheses (and dramatic asides), she follows a sailor around the globe with their four children, two dogs, and an impossibly tall stack of books to read. You can read more of her writing tips on her website.

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