It’s fall! Students are back at school, football is on, and if you’re a Northeasterner like me, the weather is perfectly cool and sunny.

Fall Back Into Writing With These 5 Fall Writing Prompts

I don’t know about you, but I love this season. It feels like a writer’s season. It’s time bring a blanket and computer to your balcony, porch, or favorite coffee shop and just write. Recharge. Begin a new and productive period.

As always, at The Write Practice, we love to give you opportunities to jump into writing again. Use the fall-inspired writing prompts to get you going.

5 Fall Writing Prompts

  1. Write about a fall tradition in your current home or your home growing up.
  2. I love finding metaphors in my own life. Has the change in leaves’ colors ever symbolized something more to you? What about when they fall off? Would it mean anything to your characters?
  3. Write about the smells (or tastes or sounds) that remind you of fall.
  4. Pitch a fall TV pilot.
  5. When do you use the term “fall” and when do you say “autumn”?

For bonus points, get cozy with a warm blanket and a mug of cider. Sit by the window and admire the changing leaves. What stories will fall inspire for you?

Does the change of seasons ever inspire you to write? Let us know in the comments.


Pick one of the five writing prompts above and take fifteen minutes to write about it. Then, share in the Pro Practice Workshop here. And if you share, remember to leave feedback for your fellow writers! Not a member? Join us here.

Monica is a lawyer trying to knock out her first novel. She lives in D.C. but is still a New Yorker. You can follow her on her blog or on Twitter (@monicamclark).

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