I can’t help but flip through the latest issue of People Magazine while waiting in the grocery store line.  A riveting headline catches my eye about the  “never saw it coming” groom who takes out his bride.   Or, more happily, the small-town adolescent who captivates a nation when she rescues 50 cats following the devastating tornadoes in her community.


Family photo by Peter GalvinTh

There, in the sidebar of the story, will often be the “before” photo of our central character when they were just  a mom, dad, sister or brother.  The face before fame or notoriety.  Could you have imagined such a tragic storyline for Gabe?  Such heroism for Susie?  Such riches for Charles?

Pick a Family Member. Cast them in a future story.


Just for fun, write for 15 minutes about one of the six people in the family photo above.  Think of this photo as the “before” snapshot to your captivated “after.”  It’s the sidebar photo that leaves people pondering how your character ended up there from such humble and unassuming beginnings!  Encourage your fellow writers, too!







Marianne Richmond
Marianne Richmond
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