My 10-year-old son is obsessed with the “Would you Rather” game where we ask each other questions like these: Would you rather eat a tiny worm with every meal or have ten flies walk over your food before you eat it?  Would you rather have a Jack-o-Lantern for your head or tree limbs for your arms and legs?  We play this game before bed, on long car trips and sometimes while eating lunch!  And let me tell you—you can learn a lot about someone by listening to his or her answers!

would you rather

Photo by Vic (Creative Commons)

What Would You Rather Do?

Just for fun today,  I am inviting you to play his favorite game — and let you (perhaps) learn a bit more about yourself as a writer!

Would you rather read your writings to an audience of ten people who love you or to 10,000 people you don't know?

Would you rather publish one insanely great-selling book and never write again … or publish a string of 15 average-selling books over a 20-year period?

Would you rather be recognized wherever you go… or live a quiet (monetarily successful)  life of anonymity?

Would you rather be rich and loathed or poor and well-loved?

Would you rather do a cross-country book store tour or blog tour?

Would you rather write in a rooftop garden surrounded by city noises — or in a quiet studio with cows as your neighbors?

Would you rather teach writing in a high school or go back to grad school for a Creative Writing degree?

Would you rather bravely share your writing or sit on the writing sidelines forever?


Knowing your answer to my final question, please use your practice today to share with us a piece you are working on!  Remember to leave feedback for others as well.  And, if you re so inclined, let us know how you answered any of the questions above! Or offer one of your own!  Enjoy.

I'm Marianne Richmond—writer, artist and inspirationalist. My words have touched millions over the past two decades through my children's books and gift products.
Basically I put love into words and help you connect with the people + moments that matter. You can find me on my website, Facebook, and Twitter (@M_Richmond21).

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