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It’s that time of year again: the season of a million holiday writing prompts plastering the internet. I’m going to jump on the bandwagon and give you another one. Groan if you like.

Holiday Writing Prompt: Build Your Own Alien Holiday

Out of This World

I once read a book that took place on an alien planet. The life on that planet was very similar to ours, with one huge difference: the people could not heal. A bump or bruise or cut would ultimately kill them. This lack of healing was their motivation for everything they did, including adopting religion.

I found the concept fascinating and have since pondered other things about alien worlds. My last rumination was whether it’s possible for life elsewhere to not include parasitic lifeforms. No germs. No viruses. No mosquitos.

Today, thinking about what kind of prompt to give you, I’ve gone back to the idea of alien worlds and how they differ from ours. Here’s your holiday writing prompt:

Alien Holidays

Your holiday writing prompt is fairly simple on the surface: Write about a holiday on an alien planet.

It’s fine if your holiday mirrors ours in some ways, but I really want you to think about this. What sort of holidays would aliens celebrate? This prompt relies heavily on world-building, so take some time to really shape your world before you think about the holiday celebration.

Holiday Writing Prompt Questions

Ready to build your alien holiday? Here are some questions to think about:

  • What sort of lifeforms are these aliens? Do they look like us? Do they look more like a dog mixed with a horse? Do they talk? What do they eat? How do they eat?
  • Are the aliens religious, and if so, what does that religion look like? Remember, religion doesn’t necessarily mean worshiping gods.
  • Is the holiday fast- or feast-based? What sort of foods would they have on this planet? Or does the celebration have nothing to do with food at all?
  • What’s the climate like? What sorts of activities would be available to the aliens in this climate?
  • Do they have family units? Would they gather on this holiday?

Immerse Me

Let your imagination run wild with this holiday writing prompt! Build your world in your head first, then put characters into that world. I want to feel like I’m walking around on this planet, celebrating this holiday with your characters! Have fun!

How do the holidays inspire you? Let me know in the comments!


When you’re done thinking up your world, write for fifteen minutes about your invented alien holiday.

Share your writing in the comments and don’t forget to comment on your fellow writers’ work!

Sarah Gribble
Sarah Gribble
Sarah Gribble is the author of dozens of short stories that explore uncomfortable situations, basic fears, and the general awe and fascination of the unknown. She just released Surviving Death, her first novel, and is currently working on her next book.

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