Writing Prompt: Two Reasons to Write About Departures

Writing Prompt: Two Reasons to Write About Departures

Whether leaving for vacation or a job in a new city, departures can be stressful, exciting, and full of conflict. Use this prompt to reimagine a departure today in your writing time. 

I think there are two qualities about any departure that make them great for writing. See if you agree and try this prompt with me today!

How to Use Six-Word Stories As Writing Prompts

Six-word stories are a great way to practice your writing without actually having to write much.They can also be used to warm up before working on a novel or short story.

When I had first heard about six-word stories, I thought, “A whole story in six words? That’s impossible!”

Then I wrote my first six-word story—and it was really easy, not mention fun! Once you write your first, you can write a whole army of them. Here’s how six-word stories can be used as a great writing prompt.

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