The Top 10+ Writing YouTube Channels (2023)

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While the craft of writing hasn't gotten any easier for writers over time, the methods and avenues for learning and practicing writing skills have expanded in so many ways. Take a look at my list of more than ten top writing YouTube channels to see which one holds the best writing tips for your creative writing growth.

Top Ten Writing YouTube Channels

Please welcome guest writer S.E. Laughter today, giving us a lineup of the top YouTube channels for writing!

YouTube: Where Writers Go to Learn

The other day, as I was pilfering through a closet, I came across the first novel I ever wrote. Picking up the yellowed manuscript, I cracked it open. The handwritten words looped across the college ruled notebook paper. Red ink crowded the margins and whiteout chipped off some of the lines.

So much has changed in the decades since I penned my first tale. Not only what I write on, but how I prepare for the next leg of my writing journey.

There are so many sources of amazing information available on a variety of media. So many, in fact, it can feel overwhelming.

How do you know where to start? How do you know if the book, blog, podcast or YouTube channel is worth your time?

The world of writer YouTube channels has a name: authortube. There’s a wealth of channels with thousands of videos. Some focus on the writing craft, the nuts and bolts of writing. Others on self-publishing and the business of being a writer.

Fortunately for you, I’ve done the research, and found the top ten Youtube channels for writers. These channels are from authors, editors and entrepreneurs who are currently publishing videos on a regular basis to provide you with ongoing and up-to-date advice.

Top 10 Writing YouTube Channels

Check out these writing channels to give your writing a boost:

1. The Creative Penn

The Creative Penn from New York Times best-selling author, Joanna Penn, covers a wide variety of topics. She offers tips on self publishing, marketing, and being a successful author.

While she is known for her thrillers, Joanna often collaborates with guest writers who provide advice on fiction, memoirs and nonfiction. You can find her posts weekly.

2. Mark Dawson

Mark is a prolific best selling indie author with over forty novels. His website and authortube channel, The Self Publishing Formula, offers tutorials and collaborations with other successful authors who use social media advertising to supercharge their careers.

Mark publishes videos weekly each with a new topic on the path to being a successful indie writer.

3. BooksandBigHair

India Hill Brown, author of The Forgotten Girl and The Drowned Girl, leads this booktube channel where she provides book reviews, unboxing and read-a-thons.

She also has videos offering advice on how to land a literary agent and how to set and accomplish your writing goals. India uses her own experiences as a writer and a mother to help influence her content.

4. Jenna Moreci

Jenna won over a huge fan base by offering her sarcastic, comedic writing advice in bite size pieces on her YouTube channel. She is a successful indie writer with thousands of short videos serving up writing do’s and don’ts; like How do I Write My First Chapter or Why Your Plot Twist Sucks.

This is not your mama’s Youtube channel, and I suggest you don’t let your kids watch either. But her wit and humor keep you coming back for some great tips and laughs. Jenna puts out new videos weekly.

5. Michael La Ronn

Michael heads up a channel called Author Level Up. Each week he posts videos about the writing craft, self-publishing and increasing your productivity. He offers livestream Q&A sessions as well so you can interact directly with Michael. Learn to write better and faster all while having fun.

6. Dave Chesson

Dave’s channel, Kindlepreneur, provides a series of short, easily digestible videos on increasing your notoriety as well as some great `”how to’s” on a variety of publishing topics like uploading your book to Amazon, writing a prologue, and book formatting.

Dave’s strength is moving books to readers. His website,, is a book marketing website. Dave is also the founder of Publisher Rocket, a book marketing software. (See The Write Practice's review on Pub Rocket here.) Dave publishes videos weekly, so you can always be informed on the most up to date trends in the publishing industry.

7. Diane Callahan

Looking for something more creative? Diane’s channel, Quotidian Writer, offers a unique view on a variety of writing craft topics. Diane is a developmental editor of fiction and an author. Her videos themselves are works of art.

These short pieces feature images and reenactments while you learn. Diane puts her videos out every other month, so be sure to tune into her next installment or get caught up on her previous topics.

8. WordNerds

The channel Word Nerds focuses on live streaming videos with eight word nerd hosts from across several genres. It’s like a writer party each week where you can participate in the discussion with a writing community. With a library of nearly 1,500 videos on topics ranging from inspiration to interviews you’ll find something to spark your interest.

9. Alexa Donne

Alexa is a traditionally published YA author who uses her channel to provide guidance on writing and publishing. Even though she’s a YA author, she hosts interviews with authors across several genres. Alexa offers straightforward advice to keep you focused on writing and your head in the game.

10. Abbie Emmons

Abbie’s upbeat videos will help inspire you to meet your writing goals and improve your writing process. She believes the rules are less important and puts her focus on empowering authors to find the meaning in their words and understanding their craft. In her words, “I teach writers how to make their stories matter by harnessing the power and psychology of storytelling.”

3 Bonus Channels!

All right, I couldn't stop at just ten. Here are three more top channels that are well worth your views:

11. The Write Practice

Joe Bunting’s channel, The Write Practice, focuses on improving your skill as a writer and helping you develop good habits to becoming a successful author. These short monthly videos provide easily executable lessons and creative ideas that are paramount to any writer regardless of your skill level or experience. Paired with the site's writing prompts, there's something to help every writer grow.

Joe is a best selling author and founder of The Write Practice website, a place for authors to gather and share their work and improve their craft. Joe has been helping people achieve their writing goals since 2011, so join in and let him help you on your journey.

12. Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson didn’t mean to become a Youtube sensation. The sci fi / fantasy author and university lecturer fell into it by accident. Brandon has his own current authortube channel, but the lecture series he posted in 2020 is well worth the watch. Brandon has a knack for teaching so these popular videos are not only easily understood and engaging but delivered in the classroom making it conducive to learning.

Lecture #1 Introduction on Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy

Lecture #2: Plot

13. Robert McKee

Robert McKee is arguably one of the most well-known and celebrated screenwriting lecturers. Former students have gone on to win Academy awards, Emmy awards and WGA awards. His renowned “Story Seminar” on the art of storytelling has been presented around the world. While his YouTube pieces aren't recent, his short videos offer timeless advice on structure and design for anyone who puts words to the page.

What Are Your Top Writing YouTube Channels?

There are so many fabulous creative voices out there, I’m sure I missed a few. Check out these channels to get started exploring authortube. And don't hesitate to try some new channels, too.

Just don't let watching authortube become a way to procrastinate writing your own book!

Sarah E. Laughter (like daughter with an “L”) is a writer, mother, wife and lover of books. Her work has been featured in Short Fiction Break Magazine. She writes anything that catches her fancy, but is drawn to thrillers with a supernatural twist. Find her at

What's your favorite authortube channel? Let us know in the comments.


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