How Long Should Your Blog Post Be? A Writer’s Guide

I was at a meetup with a group of bloggers recently when someone turned to me and asked, “What do you think is the perfect length for a blog post? How long should my blog posts be?”

blog post length

Photo by Christian Shnettelker

When it comes to blogging, nearly all of us would like more:

  • more readers
  • more comments
  • more links
  • more traffic

For writers who are trying to build their audience online, it’s essential to learn how to write great blog posts. However, even if you’ve been blogging for a long time, it’s difficult to figure out what your audience really wants, especially in terms of blog length.

If content is king, then what is the perfect length that will help us get more people to read (and share!) our blog posts?

Myth: “When it comes to blog posts, shorter is better.”

Many “expert” bloggers perpetuate the myth that “shorter is better,” that blog posts should never be more than 600 words long. They explain that online readers have short attention spans and don’t want to read long articles. The only way you can get more readers, they say, is to write posts that are short and sweet.

Don’t listen to them.

Honestly, for the first five years that I blogged, I subscribed to this myth. However, as I’ve learned more about what makes people read your blog posts, I realized that more often than not the opposite is true: the longer, the better. In fact, some of my best-read blog posts have been over 1,500 words long.

3 Perfect Lengths for Blog Posts

So then what’s the perfect length?

Well… it depends. I’ve experimented with a lot of different lengths, from 100 word mini-posts to 2,000+ word encyclopedia entries. Each has different advantages depending on what you want to get out of your blog.

With that in mind, let me ask you three questions about what you’re trying to accomplish with your blog.

Do you want more comments on your blog?

Then, shorter is usually better, especially if your post is focused on asking your readers’ questions and generating discussion.

Blogging tip: Want more comments on your blog? Try writing short, discussion-based posts no longer than 275 words long. (Share that on Twitter?)

This post for example is only 275 words long and it has over 300 comments. Another example is a writing prompt like this one where the main focus is to generate discussion.

Keep in mind, short posts rarely get shared widely on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. They also have a tough time ranking on search engines and are bad for SEO. If you’re trying to build an audience, I wouldn’t recommend focusing solely on short posts.

However, if you’re trying to create more engagement with your readers, try posting something short.

Do you want more social media shares?

When I first started The Write Practice, I was ecstatic if my posts got more than ten shares on Twitter and Facebook. Now, I’m disappointed if our posts don’t get more than 100 combined shares.

I’ve found that how many shares you get on social media is influenced by several things, including your topic, the posts’ quality, and, of course, the size of your existing audience. What effect does length have on social shares?

Blogging Tip: Want more shares on social media? Aim for medium length blog posts between 600 to 1,250 words. (Share that on Twitter?)

This is the length I usually shoot for. Medium length posts are also pretty good for SEO and for generating discussion. Of course, you still have to write a good post, one with a great headline and a compelling premise that solves your readers’ problem.

Do you want more traffic from Google for your blog?

Who doesn’t want more traffic Google? One month, I went from getting just a trickle of new visitors from Google to getting over 1,000 new readers per day. I was ecstatic, of course. But then I found out the source of all the new attention was a guest post written nearly two years before. Oh well.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a tricky business, and while the rewards for getting it right can be extremely high, focusing too much on it can be a huge waste of time. However, what post length is best for getting Google and other search engines to take notice of your blog?

Blogging Tip: Want more traffic from Google? Write longer, heavily researched posts 2,450 words long. (Share that on Twitter?)

Don’t believe me? Here’s the data.

Search engines love long, authoritative posts, especially when they’re focused on solving a pressing problem for readers. Longer posts might not get a lot of comments, and they might even be shared slightly less than average on social media, but if you can wait until Google takes notice, you might just get lucky and see a big bump in search traffic.

So How Long Do You Want Your Blog Post to Be?

To sum up, here’s a list of common blog posts lengths to help you find your own ideal length:

  • 75-300 words. Super-short posts are best for generating discussion. They rarely get many shares on social media, and they’re horrible for SEO, but if you want a lot of comments, write short posts!
  • 300-600 words. The standard blogging length, recommended by many “expert” bloggers. Good middle-ground for social shares and comments. Too short to gain much authority or search engine-love.
  • 750 words. This is the standard length for professional journalism, especially newspapers. I find that it’s pretty good for getting links from other bloggers and shares on social media.
  • 1000-1500 words. You’ll get fewer comments at this length but a lot more shares on social media, especially if you’ve followed the advice above and written a post that actually solves someone’s problem. That being said, I’ve written posts this long and gotten 100+ comments, so it really depends on the topic and your audience.
  • 2,450 words. The highest ranking articles on Google are most often 2,450 words. If you want to rank well on search engines (and thus get thousands of new readers per month), this is the best length to write. However, make sure you write about a topic that people are actually searching for. It would be a shame two write a book-length blog post on a topic no one ever searches for!

To paraphrase up: longer is usually better for social shares and SEO whereas shorter is usually better for getting more comments.

Write the Length You Want

If the muse moves you, don’t be afraid to write posts that are 2,000 words or more. At the same time, don’t feel bad if you want to write a post that’s just 200 words long.

Keep in mind what that post length will likely bring to your blog, and vary your lengths so you can best serve your readers. But most of all, remember to have fun!

What about you? How long are your blog posts usually?


Today, try writing a short discussion based blog post, no more than 275 words. Then, after you publish it, why don’t you share the link in the comments section.

And if you share, click on a few links from your fellow Write Practice readers and comment on their blogs!

About Joe Bunting

Joe Bunting is a writer and entrepreneur. He is the author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller Let's Write a Short Story! and the co-founder of Story Cartel. You can follow him on Twitter (@joebunting).

  • My posts are between about 800 and 1300, lavishly illustrated. I’ve been blogging three years – never solving readers problems, but writing sometimes humorous essays on unexpected parenthood, books, social issues, aging, and general musings. I used to write weekly, then cut to biweekly, then to monthly (because of the demands of my novel.) I write the blog to have consistent writing practice and the discipline of a deadline.

    • Avril

      Love your posts Grandma. Will you tell us about your novel?

      • Thank you Avril! The novel is my fourth (still working on publishing the first three) and has been “in progress” over four years, with a great deal of floundering and altering of who and what it’s about. I’ve finally settled that, and am now grinding out yet another first draft – my least favorite stage. I LOVE revision and do it with confidence, but I hate the void when nothing exists yet.

    • Hi Grandma,
      We grandmas should form our own group. I tried to connect to your blog, but was unable. I, too, have written three novels which are unpublished, but not for lack of trying. Right now I’m concentrading on stories.

      • Hi Adelaide. I just can’t do stories – only did about a dozen, none very satisfactory, though one was published. My blog is at

        • Hi Liz,
          I just read a few of your posts on your blog. It is colorful with all the pictures. I am not tech savy and have a very plain blog for my writing. I enjoyed your posts, found them entertaining and can relate to some of what you write, especially about aging and forgetting.

  • I just published a discussion post about keeping a writer’s notebook. I’d love to see you all contribute!

    • Avril

      I checked out your discussion. I am so stoked! You are quoting Joan Didion, a writer I have greatly admired for decades (I’m old). I do keep notebooks. Have kept them forever. All of that material is busting out now!

    • Keeping a notebook is essential for me. I left a reply on your blog.

    • Sandra D

      I liked this.

  • Lynette

    Hi guys, I keep a popular science blog and would love to know your thoughts on conservation. Thanks!

  • Hi there
    I’ve just started a new blog. I’m tweaking things as I go. I wanted something elegant and minimalist without all the bells and whistles. I am a lover of writing and I’m on a new journey of writing with the aim to publishing.

    This is my new blog I’d love to hear what you think.

    And this is my old blog that I’m leaving behind. Although I may re-do some of the posts for my new blog. Perhaps you’d like to have a look at it also. It offers some insight to my first novel writing journey.

    Kind Regards

  • Hi Joe.
    This is a fantastic post by the way. Really useful, enlightening and encouraging.
    Much appreciated.
    Regards Dawn

  • The last post I put on my blog, The Six Word Story, is about 350 words. The previous post, on writing dialogue, was nearly 800. I don’t try for any set word count, but write until I’ve said what I want to say. Maybe that’s my mistake as I get no comments and very view page views.

    • Sandra D

      I tried to comment on your webpage, but it wouldn’t accept my website to confirm authorization. :/ I liked your post though. It was cute.

      Here’s my attempt though:
      “Lauren Bacall on writing: The most complete experience I’ve ever had”
      Lauren Bacall: Writes completely. Feels complete.

      • Sorry you couldn’t post your comment on my blog. How did you try to post your comment? Google, Live journal, WordPress, TypePad, AIm, OpenID

        Which one did you use to sign in? I’ll have to see what i can find out with Google .

        • Sandra D

          I tried Word Press I think and it didn’t accept my webpage.

  • Sandra D

    Well here’s mine. I made a post out of my own frustration.

  • What a great, well-rounded article. I was afraid by the headline that you were going to say 600 words. I am an editor for an online magazine, and we are finding the same thing you have shared. There’s no need to fear the longer posts. They just accomplish different things. Thanks so much.

  • Sandra D

    I have read and enjoyed long blog posts. It does not deter me if it is long if I am interested.

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  • Marcy Mason McKay

    Hey Joe – this post reminds of the age-old question, “How long should my book be?”

    Answer: “As long as it takes.” 🙂

    I REALLY liked your breakdown of the different blog lengths, and the typical responses them. I’m going to save this baby for future referent. THANKS!

  • Adelaide, your blog wouldn’t accept my comment either: “your Open id credentials could not be verified” – here’s what I TRIED to post: “Adelaide – gotta go, but just read this and I look forward to reading more of your blog. Interesting idea for jumpstarting a story. Thanks.”

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  • Heather

    I used to aim for a maximum of 600 words. Now that I’m blogging less frequently, I pay less attention to blog length. When I edit, I still aim to reduce by 10%, but I’m not concerned with overall length.

    I will say that READING longer blog posts can be a chore if they aren’t broken up into proper paragraphs. I hate reading giant walls of text.

  • Joe, nice topic. I love the way you’ve outlined it, and I agree with all your above points.

    I’d also like to add that the perfect length also depends on your topic. Can you cover it in 600 words? Will aiming for 2,000 words overdo it? Is 100 words enough to let you say what you want to say?

  • saabit

    Thanx very much – Inspiring. I think I relate most to the idea of “It depends . . . ”
    Just getting started with W.P posts [tanck23] n have about 15 posts including a couple of re-blogs. Thinking today that it is time to get back to that. This article is of real help to me.

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  • Swapnil

    Thanks for such superb descriptive article. When I started blogging , first I was writing short articles then I read everywhere that blog post should be long around 1000 words, so I started making article lengthy unnecessarily. But this article helped me a lot to understand about length of article.
    Thank you.

  • Lily Flor

    thanks for this blog post, I am just starting to blog and I was wondering if my posts were too long, because I do have a tendency of writing a lot, now I feel better about them and I won’t be afraid to make them long but I will practice on writing shorter ones. I tried to sub but I haven’t gotten the email to confirm. Hopefully i’ll get it soon.

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  • Cherie Kelly

    Hi , I’m very new to writing but i have a great passion for it and i believe that people like you will help me greatly along my journey . This post was very informative and I thank you.

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  • Sarah

    I’m new to blogging and love the technical aspects of it. Thanks for your research and writing. Here’s my very first post, written today:

  • Gill Glenihospitality

    Hey hi I want to write a blog. Can you suggest me how many words and keywords should i used in blog?

    • Mecyll J.

      I’m a blogger myself. You can write as long as you want but it depends on the type of post. The main important is thay you’re able to achieve the goal of the post. If you can achieve your point by discussing it in 300 words, that’s it. Or if it needs 3,000 words for that, then go! 🙂

      • Thanks so much for your reply, i am working as SEO analyst and want to do blog submission for that purpose i need to write blog. Do you have any idea regarding how to get lead for our website means more traffic or is there any online tool to increase website traffic. Thanks so much again!

        • Mecyll J.

          Personally, there are social media apps out to help you out and engage audience. I use Hootsuite and Buffer at the same time. But that won’t promise you triple results if you have shitty content. I really believe to Bill Gates’ belief “Content is king.”

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  • I have the content which is much to the point(about 500 words) but at the same time If I need google’s love what should i do ? Last posted

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  • This is an AMAZING post, thanks for putting me at ease and helping me realize that I don’t have to meet a certain post length in order to achieve success as a blogger. As long as I’m providing content my readers enjoy.

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  • Great tips about blog length. I find that breaking up the text with graphics, headings, subheadings and color makes a difference too.

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  • Nathan Goodwin

    Thanks so much for the breakdown on length and content direction. Conversation or research oriented . I just started a blog of my own and have been struggling with the word count, wanting to keep it to 350 or less. Thanks for some freedom.
    I’m still not sure how it’s going to go, time will tell. Thanks again for the advice and suggestions. Here is the link to my blog posts.

  • Sandra L Mort

    I agree that it would be a shame two right something that no won red. 😉

    I think you MEANT “It would be a shame TO write a book-length blog post on a topic no one ever searches for!” 🙂

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  • This is really helpful, I was just discussing this with a few blogging friends yesterday. I can see what you mean, I have been opting for longer posts lately and they are the ones I get more traffic from search. Thanks for sharing.

  • Amanda

    This is a very helpful article!

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  • What if your blog is about tourism and your main quality is amazing photos? Could you write less? I already have a blog about Madrid that works great, but I’m about to start one about Spain with emphasis on lists of places with photos. I’m not sure on how to focus this.

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  • Rose

    great article,, I am starting a blog at the moment,, and some of my posts are mini tutorials and some are in the 3000 words,,, is that way too long,, I haven’t published them yet in case I need to shorten them,, what are your thoughts??

    • matthew benton

      Not that I’m any sort of expert. but I would write as much as you feel is needed to express what you have to say – no more, no less. I don’t believe there should be a maximum length rule. The quality of the writing is more important, as people will give up reading if they’re not interested in the subject or if the writing doesn’t hold their attention. Best of luck!

  • Bill Paulk

    great article! i was thinking my 1,600 word blog was a bad thing. I have to seek a good proof reading program or service. iIhave the ideas, but didn’t pay too much attention when it came to learning how to properly structure your writing when in school. My web site is Thanks for any feed back.

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  • samex4rill

    Writing a blog post isn’t as good enough as publicizing it to the right reader/audience.

    Thats the main reason scheduling its a very good idea to try and schedule down posts with time so that you can have more leisure time to spread out and gain a wider audience reach with the previously published posts.

    Although I blog and write my post myself but most time I just hire someone to do the hard writing work for me at while I work on publicizing the posts myself, it really has been saving me a lot of stress lately because this guys is just so fast and generic, he come up with great blog post in no time and they are always well proofreaded and optimized.

  • matthew benton

    Thanks Joe. I read this 6 months ago and it persuaded me to just write whatever length seems appropriate for the subject. So far my shortest is 675 words, longest 4800 words! 600 words is fine for a restaurant review but in depth subjects need more time, especially as I’m trying to describe new ideas. And isn’t there some stat showing most posts get shared by people who only read the summary anyway?

    The six posts so far have taken longer to write than I expected though.

    Although I’m not artistic I made time to add graphics for each article. Getting OpenGraph data to work properly can be a bit painful, but I reckon graphics are essential to get posts noticed in our highly visual culture.

    Thanks again from UK Joe 🙂

  • Karl Gjertsen

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  • Is some of this impacted by the fact that people are consuming so much of our content on a smaller form factor, their smart phones? With such a small viewing area many people perceive a post to be much longer than it actual is due to the fact that they have to scroll so much. Images which add layout context to a post (great on destop or tablet) now adds to the scrolling. I write a variety of posts and have tried out different layouts and I totally agree that “it depends”. It’s definitely not an exact science. Thanks for the great post it was very encouraging to me!

  • phillip

    hey all new to blogging check out my blog:)
    only have three posts so far tho

  • Joel Tangunan

    This really helps a lot Joe for a beginner like me. I am just thinking of the topic to be blogged that I can comfortably write and since I’m a songwriter, do you think music is a good topic? Thanks!

  • Carlos O. Grady

    Hi Joe,

    You’re definitely right about writing your blog post short. For me, I enjoy a short blog post, but hands down to those bloggers that catch my attention with their long blogs. Now that I’ve read your guide expect me to apply it to my blogs. Heading off to share this awesome guide.

    Best Regards,

    Carlos @

  • Rose Neverland

    Hey, I know I’m a bit late jumping on this, but just wanted to say a quick thank you for writing this article. I keep being told my posts are too long and won’t get much engagement (I get very carried away when I start writing and want to share everything!) so it’s good to know that this isn’t necessarily the case. Will definitely be bookmarking this post so I can check back in future to keep my post-lengths appropriate for the topic I’m writing about.
    Currently weighing up for my next post whether to do one long one, or separate them into shorter pieces. I’m a new writer (only on blog #5), so perhaps getting some comments / shares wouldn’t be a bad thing.
    Any tips?

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  • Hi Joe, You’re definitely right about writing your blog post short. For me, I enjoy a short blog post, but hands down to those bloggers that catch my attention with their long blogs. Now that I’ve read your guide expect me to apply it to my blogs. Heading off to share this awesome guide.

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  • Hi Joe, great article. I write blog posts for both of my sites!.

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